Soyal & Sons offers wide selection of new and used diesel generators Supplier. Whether it is portable or stationary generator, we have it all. We have been in the generator industry for more than a decade now. Our diesel generators inventory encompasses from 20KW to 2500KW. Our generators are continuously checked and tested for safety purposes and better functioning. We can provide you solution for power generation that is fuel efficient and noise level to the minimum.


We possess high quality & well maintained diesel engines which are unused locally.  Soyal & Sons has the industrial generators which are used for power generation to function the operations of numerous industry sectors such as Oil and Gas, Textile & other businesses. We also provide marine diesel generators which let the current flowing for the electrical equipment on the boat, ships and oil rigs.


It is very important to keep regular checkups on the generators. So we keep follow ups with our customers and also provide repair and maintenance services after sales. We have highly experienced and certified engineers/technicians to provide our clients flawless power generation.


For further details and information about diesel generators and engine, fill the inquiry form and our representative will contact you shortly or call us instantly on our contact number.