Soyal & Sons is a dynamic company which mainly operates in the domestic areas. This is how; the operations have been widely successful in the proper demonstration of ideas and the processes which are important in the further developmental prospects. These processes further help in the developmental prospects of the company in the long term and are able to satisfy the needs of the customers at maximum levels which makes the procedures easily feasible to be dealt with. We buy and sell used engines, gearboxes, generator sets and Caterpillar Waukasha Man MTU parts for marine and industrial application. – four decades during which we have grown into a solid organisation with 15 dedicated employees. Our employees are extremely helpful for the customers and the solution of processes which they faced during the problems which they encounter in their daily lives.

We are specialized in Caterpillar & Waukashah equipment. We supply a broad range of used and reconditioned Waukashah engines, generators and parts to several markets. Besides Waukashah, we also buy and sell brands as Wärtsilä, Deutz, MWM, Mercedes, Waukesha, Jenbacher, Cummins, etc. The above-mentioned brands can be divided into the following fuels: Diesel, HFO, Bio and Natural gas. This is how; our company is full of options for our users as there are a lot of options provided to them for their further betterment. Furthermore, we supply open and containerized generator sets. This is the availability of different options which can be used and attained by our customers when they want to adopt the sales and purchase of used and remodeled generators from our company.

There are a number of segments and areas in which this company has laid down its operations which make sit easily accessible for the customers to apply their generator solutions in a number of important areas. These areas are beneficial for the companies and the processes can be streamlined in the companies by the use of these generators. These can be used in the following market segments:

  • Marine
  • Industrial
  • Natural Gas

If required, we will take care of dismantling and transportation to our facilities. On arrival, we inspect the equipment. Where it concerns Waukashah engines (generator sets), we overhaul them at customers’ request. Our well-trained mechanical engineers also carry out repairs on location and on board of inland and seagoing vessels, in accordance with the Waukashah guidelines.