Industries and enterprises rely on industrial generators and they need a sound substitute for grid energy to overcome their energy needs. New industrial generator and used industrial generators are the two options available in the market for the potential buyers. Used industrial generators give various reasons to consider them like they cost less than the new generator and works efficiently. All you need to do is to consider a reliable company which can properly assemble the generator for the re-use purpose. Without any further ado, let’s check out the major reasons to consider used industrial generators.

Benefits of Used Industrial Generator

The valuable benefits of industrial generators encourage users to consider them while the people who are already using used industrial generators recommend this option to others.

Lower Cost: No need to spend a handsome amount on buying new industrial generators as you can get the same benefit at considerable low cost wi8th the help of used industrial generators. If you avail this option, then you can easily save up to 40-60% and invest this amount in your business. It’s highly beneficial when you need a generator for short time span where you don’t want to put immense amount in just one generator. It positively impacts your budget and makes this work better for your business too.

Immediate Availability: Unlike the new generators, used industrial generators are readily available and you don’t have to follow a long documentation process for it. On the other hand, the purchase of new generators consumes immense time and effort and you have to wait from the placement of order till the delivery which and even take several months. The companies which need to start work on their project immediately can save their time by buying used industrial generators and accomplish them on-time.

Lower Depreciation Cost: Low deprecation cost is another benefit of used industrial generator that saves a person from paying a heavy amount. You must know that the depreciation of the machine starts right from the moment it departures from the manufacturing company and the worst time of depreciation cost time is two year. However, still there is a lot time lefts for the life of machine and you can use it for several projects.

Decreased Insurance Cost: Insurance premium absolutely depends on the replacement cost. The lower the cost will be the lower premium you have to pay. The replacement of used industrial generators is quite easy and you can easily buy an insurance policy for the machine.

Low Paperwork: No need to waste time on various formalities you follow for buying the new generator as they have already done by the previous owner. All you just need is to sign the deal and accomplish other simple processes to make it yours.

Efficient Working: Used industrial generators work like the new generators and you don’t need to compromise on the work efficiency if you buy it from a reliable company like Soyal & Sons. Moreover, you can easily make a custom modification in generator to get the best use of it. Breakers, switches, and switch voltages are some important things one can upgrade in a used industrial generator while buying it.

What to Look for in a Used Industrial Generator?

A low-hours used industrial generator is cost-effective and high in quality, but you need to check some important factors to get the expected benefits from it.

Age and Usage Time

Always check the history of the generator and see how many hours it worked in the past. The generators also have an odometer reading like cars which informs about the working hours of the machine. Moreover, check whether it was being used a prime energy supplier or a standby. Prefer the latter option as it’s more effective due to the lesser usage time.

Brand and Manufacturing History

The reputation of manufacturing company is very important as trusted manufacturers can deliver maximum output while the unknown brands can cost heavy. Branded generators live a longer life and you don’t have to repair it over again.


The maintenance of the generator in pre-owned place determines the efficiency of the machine. You can ask some questions about it to the seller and go ahead if he had technical staff and dyno-testing equipment for testing.

Physical Condition

Physical wear and tear let you know the repairing cost of the generator and visual inspection is highly beneficial for it. Carefully check the maintenance parts and inspect is there any corrosion or cracks present. Replace the bearings and bushings so these parts don’t cause any damage to the generator. Similarly, check the electric parts and test insulations and replace the things which are not up to the mark.



There are numerous factors to consider while buying a used industrial generator and always prefer a reputed company like Soyal & Sons so you don’t need to worry about the guarantee of the machine later.

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