Electricity plays an important role in our everyday life and it is one of the basic necessities of life.

•  In Pakistan, there are still certain measures which restrict us to get this source 24/7 and round the clock.
•  This is why; there is always a need of alternative methods through which people can have total and complete flow        of electricity.
•  There are a number of methods through which electricity can be effectively generated.


One of the beginner’s methods of generating electricity is the usage of fossil fuels.
•   In United Kingdom, most of the electricity is produced by the burning of fossil fuels.
•   This process is mostly followed by the natural gas as well as coal.
•   Fossil fuels are one of the cheapest methods which a country can adopt for the production of electricity in the
current time period.


The nuclear reactors are also often responsible for the production of electricity.

  • The electricity can be produced by undergoing a process which is known as fission.
  • There are a few companies which are responsible for the production of this process by the new generation of reactors.

These processes can be effectively implemented for the further betterment of the nation and its hurdles for the production of electricity.


Natural energy is used for the production of electricity which is one of the major components of renewable technologies.

  • There are a number of fuel sources which includes hydro sources, biomass, wind, marine, wave and solar energy.
  • These sources can effectively contribute for the production of electricity by the means of renewable energy resources.


There can be different imports which can be laid down by other different countries for the production of electricity.

  • In advanced countries, there are different cable interconnectors found which are effectively being used for the import and exports of electric supplies in the most economical conditions.
  • In the same manner, these methods can be installed by Pakistan so that these issues get resolved.


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