The fourth generation of the compact hatchback Toyota Vitz showed up at the end of 2010, five years after the previous one. A full update model has changed its target audience. The car is now focused not only on women, as before, but also to men older than 40 years who have decided to change from minivans and sedans for something compact, as well as young people up to 30, which are important for functionality and style.

Wheelbase by 50 mm wider than its predecessor and it has become even more spacious interior. However, the width has not changed much, but put on a decent length – up to 1915 mm. And, of course, if we compare the third Vitz previous generations, especially the first, the difference will be very significant.

We can say that the third Vitz became definitely “adult”. In general, for a new generation to continue the course on a former technical diversity, however, the car is now completely lost the automatic transmission in favor of the variator, but, as before, there is a “mechanic”, and four-wheel drive and a turbocharged engine to separate exclusive sports version.