There are plenty of loving and practical details of the Round-view monitor, which is integrated in the rearview mirror on the folding table in the rear up to the hook for the non-contact radio key, which can be folded out of the cockpit on the key board as at home. The interior makes a great combination with the high quality seating and a lot of leg room in a small car. Exterior gives a look of a gorgeous and expensive car. The car is comfortable if we talk about the interior the manufacturer focused on the luxury and a little more room than expected. Specially, the Nissan Dayz Highway Star provides in a small car a plenty of room. Even more convenient than many European Nissan compact class and could snuggle on the continuous bench even more delicious with a little more affection.

The car Nissan Dayz is 3.40 meters short, 1.62 meters and 1.48 meters high. Nissan Dayz at first glance looks quite desirable. An all-round visibility from the air, controlled by touchpad Automatic climate control, bi-xenon headlights and Hill Assist – the small Japanese offers more technology than any other competitor in the segment of the so-called kei cars.

The performance refers to the 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers fuel consumption. Nissan gives from a 0.66 liter small three-cylinder gasoline engine. 56 Newton meters are forwarded via CVT automatic either to the front or to all four wheels. Yes, the mini cars are available with both front- and all-wheel drive. In terms of handling, however is a little weak. Because who does not want to sneak through each curve at a walking pace. The admittedly lower than its competitors built DayZ varies that broadly make a certain sense of insecurity on the one hand and on the other discomfort.