Suzuki Alto is a very common and old name in the world wide automotive industry because this car is manufactured in many countries all over the world. The Suzuki alto is known for its Fuel economy and Cheap Price. The Suzuki Alto was introduced in 1979 and over the year the car has changed a lot. The Suzuki Alto is currently in its 7th generation and it is known for many other names like nissan Pixo, Mazda Carol, Suzuki Celerio, Maruti Suzuki etc. The Suzuki Alto has so many names because the car is manufactured in many different countries all over the world and it sold under different name plates in different countries. For example the Suzuki alto 5th generation is sold in India under the Maruti 800 name plate while the same car is sold under Alto name plate in Pakistan. The latest models being manufactured in India are sold in European countries under the Nissan Pixo nameplate.

The Suzuki Alto is currently in its 7th generation and its being assembled in Japan and India. Both of them are very different from each other but both of them are far more better than the previous models.

The Japanese Suzuki Alto is also known as Mazda Carol, it started its production in 2009 and the car was redesigned completely from bumper to bumper. The New Japanese Alto had a complete make over and it was made far more better in each and every aspect like fuel economy, comfort, safety, driving experience and especially the exterior because i hated the old one (it was kind of Ugly)